Simply add a wordpress site to your hosting

WordPress is the most used blog and website tool. You can create easily a website site or a web blog with this software. There are also a lot of plugin and addon for this product, that make easy to add any additional feature you may need for your business. There are also many templates at your disposition for wordpress, either free or by some kind of fee.

For this reasons, it’s very important that your hosting system supports wordpress. But don’t worry, enwyson webhosting supports wordpress and it’s very easy. The steps you require are simple and straightforward, they can be listed here:

  • decide the domain that fits most your business
  • purchase hosting and domains at
  • wait for activation email comes to you, with control panel details
  • connect to the control panel area
  • click on the link “FREE APPLICATION, install wordpress” on dashboard and select wordpress, choosing the domain associated
  • in few seconds the install procedure will create database, import schema and install software while you drink a coffee cup
  • then you can login on your wordpress dashboard.
  • check wordpress version and update to the last version with update link on wordpress

at this point you are ready. You can go on in installing plugins and templates you prefer and develop your website with this powerful platform. You will be able to create a website, a landing page, an e-commerce site or a webblog with this environment and everything else you get in mind. You have the keys for success.

As last notice, please be sure that you install plugins and themes from safe sources. It’s better to avoid to download code from unsafe sources or from pirate websites. This is not only for ethical reasons, but also because in most of cases such software contains backdoors or malicious code that can lead to down of your website, data corruption or abuse of it through webshells or other trojans. Therefore choose carefully the sources where you download your plugin, it’s very important for your business. Please infact bear in mind that a bad plugin or template can be the entry point of an attacker who can seriously compromise your site, so be careful.