Hosting control panel? Yes opensource

Every good hosting package must have a great web control panel. We all know this. But it’s also important that the control panel, is an open source one and that its installation does not impact heavily on the structure of underlying operative system. Infact this fact is very important because otherwise there could be an impact on the services upgrade processes inside the machine. For final hosting customer it’s a key feature to have always the system uptodate mainly for security reasons.

This is why we dont install cpanel or plesk. We instead use ispconfig, well known, stable, and very good working open source control panel. This control panel has no impact on the underlying operative system and it fully opensource and written in PHP. We support open source model and this hosting control panel is perfect to manage any aspect of your hosting package: web, domain mail, dns services, ftp services, mysql database, php multiple versions, domain alias, domains redirect, apache directives, php configuration and so on. We can say that this is the best open source hosting control panel on the market. With this product we can offer high quality hosting packages with no hidden costs and the full control and security you need.

Ispconfig hosting control panel runs smoothly on our CentOS and Debian installations and it is installed as clustered version on all our hosting infrastructure in order to make possible for you full management of your resources. In addition all your hosting account and domains can be managed together through your single account without any trouble.

Would you like more informations? please feel free to open a support ticket on us. Also remember that you can freely register an account at our shop whenever you want, even only for a future purchase or your next online business.