Masternode Hosting accounts

Enwyson being an hosting and VPS partner with long experience, can introduce the masternode hosting accounts. Those hosting accounts are supercheap and supersimple way of creating a masternode in the supported coins. Coins never leave your wallet. You have just to connect your wallet with masternode private key provided by enwyson after provisioning your account. There is nothing simpler. No technical skills required, no coding hassles and no OS or fully VPS to configure. Best choice for who needs to go up and running faster than ever.

Masternode accounts features

  • no need of configuring and setting up a VPS
  • just a little monthly cost
  • get masternode private key to add to you wallet
  • you keep your collateral in your wallet and get rewards from the network
  • 24/7 working system with unlimited traffic included

activate a new account and start having rewards from masternode network