Frequently Asked Questions.

General Issue

Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in Germany

How is your network availability?

Network Availability min. 99%

Do you give assistance?

Yes we give 24h 7d assistance by ticket system. Our technicians are skilled men working on machines and not third party guy with no active part in the game.

Which payments do you support?

We support SEPA bank transfer and payments with cryptocurrencies.

Who are you?

We are an European high technology company, located in the country of birth of Skype. Infact we are based in Tallinn, North Europe. We are registered in register of Commerce of Estonia and at VAT department under the VAT code EE101855756

Domains and Hosting

Which domains do you support?

We support the most extended list of domain names. The registration is fully automated and managed by your client area.

How to do if i have a issue?

You should check our documentation online first of all if you find the needed info. If not, you should go in ticket system inside your customer area and open a ticket. When opening a ticket, please describe carefully your problem and give all informations needed by technicians. Too general questions require more time to work and can lead to delays.

Why are your hosting and vps plans so cheap?

We manage a high number of servers and hosting customers; in addition we have a full automated system for provisioning and billing. For these reasons our prices can be kept very low for the market, but still being high the quality of services.

Do you have affiliate program?

Yes we have. Please open a ticket to get more informations about.

Control Panel

Which control panel are your hosting equipped with?

Our hosting plans are all equipped with ISPconfig control panel. We love to support open source software for freedom enhancement and therefore we prefer this model. With our ISPConfig installation  you can manage all aspects of your domain and web hosting with few clicks. VPS are instead managed inside the client are by apposite facility made by us

Can i change DNS zone?

Yes you can modify and setup your DNS with integrated tool in few clicks.

Can I install opensource packages easily?

Yes you can install wordpress, prestashop, joomla and many others applications within you ISPControl panel in a click. You have freedom to choose and install whatever you want.

Do you backup hosting?

Yes, we have an internal daily machine backup. But you can also activate (and we strongly suggest you to) a full backup of your contents within your ISPConfig control panel. With this tool you can choose what to backup and the storage retemption. The contents are backupped in a separate storage infrastructure for enhanced security.

Masternode accounts

Why masternode accounts?

Masternodes accounts instead of dedicated vps, allow you to save money and get your masternode running without loosing time and face issues. Accounts are of professional level.

How can i do if i dont understand what info to give you?

Please open a ticket. A technician will guide you on the order process.

Have i to transfer my funds to you?

Absolutely no. Your coins will remain inside your wallet, we will have no possibility to manage them. We just connect a masternode instance to your details such as rewards will come directly in your wallet from the network.

Do you pay my rewards?

No, rewards come from the network directly to your wallet. We have no rule in this procedure. The matter belongs to the specific coin architecture